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Enterprise AI Development Company

Eliminate workflow pain points and accelerate your digital transformation journey with our enterprise AI development services. We use advanced AI techniques like machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning and NLP to develop robust AI-powered solutions. Unleash the power of enterprise AI-based solutions to boost your business’s bottom line like never before.

Enterprise AI Development Company

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Enterprise AI Solutions We Develop

Our solutions, deployable at scale, enable enterprises to address diverse use cases ranging from predictive maintenance, fraud detection and inventory optimization to customer services, securities lending optimization, and more.

AI Automation

AI Automation Solutions

We use NLP, machine learning, deep learning, visual information processing and AI-cloud-based models to create AI-powered solutions that simplify workflows and automate your business processes.
Chatbots and Conversational interfaces

Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces

We develop chatbots and conversational interfaces powered by AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to revolutionize how companies communicate with customers and answer queries.
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics Solutions

Our AI experts implement data and ML algorithms to develop solutions to make predictions and forecasts, such as sales forecasts, customer behavior analysis, and risk assessments.
Fraud detection and Prevention

Fraud Detection and Prevention solutions

Using machine learning and predictive analysis, we identify patterns and anomalies, including analyzing transactions, customer behavior, and other data sources to flag potential fraud and prevent it from happening.

Customer Service Automation Solutions

We create customer services automation solutions such as automated email response, virtual assistants, self-service portals, sentiment analysis, and predictive customer service that enhance customer experience by automating routine queries, improving response times, and providing personalized assistance through voice or text-based interactions.

Fraud detection and Prevention

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

We help organizations implement predictive maintenance solutions, leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to predict equipment failures and schedule maintenance before they occur, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Our Enterprise AI Development Process

Our AI enterprise development team follows strict protocols and processes to ensure that all of our projects are delivered on schedule while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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Strengthen Foothold in Your Industry With Our Enterprise AI Development Solutions

Banking and finance

Banking and Finance

Use AI-based solutions for seamless customer identification and authentication, providing personalized assistance through chatbots and voice assistants, fostering deeper customer relationships, and offering product/service recommendations, prevent payment fraud and streamline anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance checks.



Leverage the power of AI to improve customer engagement and optimize operations. You can use our computer vision technology-based AI solutions to personalize real-time promotions, while machine learning algorithms help manage and optimize inventory more effectively.


Our AI solutions, based on machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation and AI analytics, help you provide efficient life-saving therapy, improved diagnosis, increased patient engagement, data-driven recommendations and forecasts, and facilitate personalized treatment.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Employ AI logistics simulation, automated inventory management, and AI-powered data analysis for diverse use cases in supply chain and logistics. Control material waste, improve overall quality control and track the sustainability of supply chains using our robust AI-powered software.



Leverage the unparalleled capabilities of AI to revolutionize your market selection, underwriting, pricing and claims management operations. With our AI-based solutions, you can achieve faster time-to-market, more precise pricing and increased conversion rates.


Invest in the future of your automotive business with our enterprise AI solution development services that allow you to optimize your production processes, reduce costs, streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, improve safety and deliver real-time insights.

Our Enterprise AI Development Technology Stack

Programming Languages

RpythonEnterprise AI development

AI Development Tools

Enterprise AI development Enterprise AI development Enterprise AI development  

Data Warehousing and Management

Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI development

Integration and Deployment Tools

Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI development

Cloud Computing Platforms

Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI development 

Data Visualisation and Reporting Tools

Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI development 

Machine Learning Platform

Enterprise AI development Enterprise AI development Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI development Enterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI developmentEnterprise AI developmentMXNet


Supervised/unsupervised learning

Clustering (density-based, Hierarchical, partitioning)

Metric learning

Few-shot learning

Our AI Enterprise Development Work



AI SEO Optimizer

ReCrisp is an AI-powered keyword optimization tool that helps businesses boost their search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to their website. It uses the latest advancements in AI to provide highly accurate optimization suggestions for easy optimization without technical expertise. With continuous optimization, ReCrisp keeps your website up-to-date with search engine algorithms while saving you time and resources with its efficient optimization process. ReCrisp, with its highly user-friendly interface, helps you optimize your website for maximum visibility and improved performance.


Automated Attendance via Face Recognition

Vrapy is a revolutionary platform that uses facial recognition technology to automate attendance tracking. The platform offers a range of features including 100% automation, integration with existing cameras, mobile device detection, and real-time attendance alerts. Vrapy also provides insights into attentiveness levels and detects theft and violent behavior. With its heatmap generation feature, Vrapy provides valuable insights into space utilization, making it a comprehensive solution for attendance tracking.



The AI-Powered Story Creation Platform

MakeMyTale is a cutting-edge story creation and sharing platform that leverages advanced AI technology to deliver a truly personalized experience. Its user-friendly interface empowers users to shape the theme and characters of their story with ease. The platform’s AI-powered audio and video creation capabilities bring stories to life by generating captivating audio and visual versions. Additionally, the option for co-authoring enables seamless sharing with a global audience.

Blockchain Development in Shipment Industry

Hi Arya!

World’s First Robotic Tea Maker

Arya is the First Chai making robot having the capabilities of AI. It can detect a user’s face using computer vision and reply back with an exact recipe name by predicting the user’s behavior using Machine Learning(ML). It uses Speech recognition and NLP to interact with the user to take the next order.

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Our blockchain developers are hands-on the cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and solutions to clients.

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Our team extension model is intended to help clients who want to extend their team with the right expertise required for their project.

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Project-based Model

Our project-based model and software development specialists are there for customer collaboration and specific client project engagement.

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What is an enterprise AI solution?

An enterprise AI solution is a software system designed to provide artificial intelligence capabilities to businesses, organizations, and other entities. These solutions can be used to analyze large amounts of data, automate processes, make predictions, and improve decision-making in various business areas, including finance, marketing, customer service, and operations.

Enterprise AI solutions often incorporate machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision, and other AI technologies. They may be cloud-based, on-premises, or a hybrid of both and may integrate with existing software systems.

The goal of an enterprise AI solution is to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively by leveraging the power of AI to gain insights, automate tasks, and make better decisions. Some examples of enterprise AI solutions include chatbots for customer service, predictive analytics for supply chain management, and fraud detection systems for financial institutions.

What industries can benefit from enterprise AI development services?

Enterprise AI development services can immensely benefit industries like banking, finance, retail, healthcare, supply chain, logistics, insurance, and automotive.

What AI technologies do you use in your enterprise AI development process?

Depending on the client’s specific needs, we use various artificial intelligence technologies in our enterprise AI development process. Some common AI technologies we use include machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, deep learning, programming languages, cloud computing platforms, data warehousing and management tools, AI development tools, integration and deployment tools, and data visualization and reporting tools.

What is your process for developing Enterprise AI solutions?

Our process for developing Enterprise AI solutions involves several stages, including consultation, data analysis, model development, testing and validation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance and support. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business needs and goals and develop a customized solution to meet those needs.

What security features do your enterprise AI solutions have?

Our enterprise AI applications incorporate various important AI security features to protect your business against potential threats. The most important ones are data encryption, access controls, authentication, auditing and logging, anomaly detection, adversarial machine learning, explainable AI, and regularly updating and patching the system. Essentially, we implement a comprehensive security strategy incorporating multiple layers of protection to keep your sensitive data and systems safe.

Why select LeewayHertz as an Enterprise AI development company?

  • Our experienced AI experts are well-versed in the latest AI technologies and trends like generative AI.
  • We follow a human-augmented approach to developing AI-enabled solutions, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each business.
  • We offer a wide range of services, including automation, data analysis, and business security, to help businesses streamline operations and improve decision-making.
  • We offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions, such as banking and finance, retail, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, insurance, and automotive.
  • Our comprehensive support extends beyond the deployment phase of your project.